PROWLER Remote™ Systems 1-B / 1-V Comparison


360 degree, ultimate systems such as the PROWLER Remote Systems PRS1-B and PRS1-V provide an array of capabilities to defeat highway laser, radar and photo cameras. K40 offers similar ideas, but their products do not even come close to the level of front/rear/side protection the PRS1-B and PRS1-V provide for you.

While these two products are superior to anything on the market, each of these products have certain capabilities desired by different drivers:

Photo Radar Jamming Both products provide active photo radar jamming against standard photo radar speed trap cameras. Some of these companies are Truvelo, American Traffic Systems, Gatso, MultaNova, etc.

The photo jamming prevents the photo radar camera from getting a picture of your license plate, thus, it is impossible to mail a speeding ticket in the mail.

The PRS1-B and PRS1-V products provide front and rear photo jamming of every photo radar speed camera trap used.

The VF2 is simply the very best active Photo Radar available. See below for more details. There are photo spray products, anti-photo pates, but they don’t work against digital cameras. (The company/people selling the passive sprays and plates conveniently forget to tell you about that small point).

The VF2 will jam every photo trap, every toll booth camera, day or night, using single flash cameras, dual flash or infrared flash cameras. It does not matter what they use, as the VF2 will actively prevent the photograph acquisition of your license plate.

Laser Jamming

Both products provide active Blinder M40 laser jamming on the front of your vehicle against every laser gun manufacturer today, and an M20 on the back of your vehicle to jam all rear laser guns. The M40 and M20 are superb, active laser jammers, rated #1 in all tests today.

Kustom, Stalker, LTI and Laser Atlanta laser guns used in the USA, as well as Riegl & Laveg European laser guns.

The jamming will cause the laser guns to go blank display, during which time you adjust your speed accordingly, and then shut your jammer off.

The M40 laser jammers outperform the Escort ZR3 (rated #2 in performance), Bel LP905 (rated #3 in performance), Lidatek LE30 (rated #2 in performance), K40 Defuser (rated a distant #4 in performance) Rocky Mountain Radar (rated far last since it can not jam laser in any way), which is proven in the 2003, 2004, 2005 Laser Jammer shoot out by Speed Measurement Labs, El Paso, TX. Radar also tested the M40 and M20 in May, and again confirms the Blinder is by far the #1 rated laser jammer.

Radar Detect

Both PRS1-B and PRS1-V provide superb radar detection to the front and rear, however, they use two approaches with slightly different features:

The PRS1-B provides for two distinct Bel RX75 remote radar detectors, front and rear with 2 separate displays to indicate front/rear/side X/K/Ka/L alerts.

The RX75 is invisible to VG2 radar detector detector (RDD), as well as Spectre II RDD beyond 286 feet.

The RX75 has voice alerts as well as audio and visual alerts

The RX75 offers less noise interference, faster radar detection, and the most user friendly programmable capabilities today.

The PRS1-V provides for a single V1 Remote radar detector enclosed in titanium, then enclosed in an aluminum enclosure with front and rear detection and a single display to indicate L, X, Ku, K, Ka POP3 alerts.

The V1 Remote will detect traditional radar and the superwide Ka frequencies

The V1 Remote is invisible to VG2 radar detector detector (RDD), as well as Spectre II RDD beyond 100 feet.

The V1 Remote has a single remote display with front/rear/side arrows indicating radar direction, as well as audio and visual alerts.

Remote Display Both PRS1-B and PRS1-V are designed for remote install and cockpit display.
Voice Alerts The PRS1-B offers voice alerts as well as an in dash bezel that permits the display interface to be mounted in a professional way.
The PRS1-V does not have voice alerts, nor an in dash bezel.


The PRS1-B has two distinct radar detectors, superb radar detection including X, K, Ka and Laser, invisibility to VG2 and Spectre RDD, laser and Photo Radar jamming, etc., it is clearly more capable than the PRS1-V, and has a very nice display interface. thus

The PRS1-B gets the highest rating possible, 5 stars, ultra high performance. All sub-systems are rated by SML as #1 performance.

The PRS1-V has a single radar detector module with front/rear/side arrow alerts, and now detects Bee POP III K and Ka radar, and is invisible to Spectre and VG2 RDD, yet has outstanding radar detection, laser and radar jamming, etc.

The PRS1-V gets a 5 star rating as it additionally offers Ku and POP3 radar detection, although its rear radar detection is not quite as good as the PRS1-B.. All sub-systems are rated by SML as #1 or #2 performance.

Application The PRS1-B and PRS1-V provides 360 degree, front/rear/side protection.
The PRS1-B would be more compatible for USA drivers, Mexico, Long Distance haulers, South American drivers, who want ultra-high radar detection, laser jamming and photo radar jamming in a hidden system.

The PRS1-V would be more compatible for Asian, European drivers who want ultra-high radar detection, laser jamming and photo radar jamming in a hidden system. The PRS1-V can also support drivers in the USA, South America and Mexico, but its rear radar detection sensitivity is not quite as good as the PRS1-B.