Admiration for each and every client who may have ever bought our goods.p Gratitude for your community of retail shops and automobile dealerships.

Many of our clients go back thirty years, with the development of the very first device wound, high-performance CB antenna. Some have just purchased their very first custom set up radar/laser detection method and lots of happening to be driving a car with K40 protection for many years.

It’s important that you know every time you choose K40 goods and safety, you might be backed by a organization of actual those who truly care about your total pleasure.

Our network of retail stores and automobile dealerships are diligent, fully commited experts who have persevered in an ever-changing and frequently unknown industry.

Stores who didn’t stop when faced with “Big Box” competitors, who still reinvent themselves and provide white-glove, individual service to their potential customers, thus environment themselves apart from Internet resellers.

They feature the reliability and fulfillment their potential customers desire.&nbsp We started with you, we’re keeping along with you.&nbsp We value you.

I am proud of the company we are, the merchandise we offer, and the partnerships we have forged.

All of you matter to us.So we are privileged to possess you within our lifestyles.