List Of Greatest Grand Marnier Cocktails

Have a bottle of grand MarnierWhat is it? This top-quality orange liqueur adds sophistication to any drink it touches. It can be drunk straight up or mixed into cocktails. What is Grand Marnier? It’s French. A liqueur that combines Cognac, bitter Orange, and sugar. Cordon Rouge is Grand Marnier’s most beloved product. This bottle can be found in almost every supermarket.

How does Grand Marnier taste? The bitter orange and brandy flavors are evident, while the finish is sweetened with vanilla and oak. Who wouldn’t love to add this to a drink? These are some of the best Grand Marnier cocktails you can make with this liqueur. There is something for everyone: from the luxurious Cadillac margarita to pairing it with sparkling Prosecco.

Here are the top Grand Marnier cocktails you should try.

The Cadillac Margarita is the most popular grand marnier cocktails! This is a more sophisticated version of the margarita, as the name suggests. You can make the Cadillac by adding Grand Marnier to your classic margarita. This has a subtle flavor that will make everyone go “Wow!” This is a great way for you to improve your cocktail skills with minimal effort. See also: Grand Marnier Margarita

Ingredients: Grand Marnier, tequila and Cointreau, lime juice

A great way to make Grand Marnier cocktails is by adding bubbles! Add bubbles! You can mix Grand Marnier with Prosecco, champagne, or any other bubbly. It’s elegant and sophisticated and pairs citrus notes with plenty of bubbles. It takes just minutes to prepare this fancy cocktail. This is almost a mimosa for the evening: it’s strong on citrus but has a “after 4” feel.

Ingredients: Grand Marnier, Prosecco, and lemon juice

The El Presidente cocktail is a slow-sipping 1920’s cocktail that should be in your cocktail repertoire. Although this Cuban rum cocktail has never been as popular as the mojito or the daiquiri, it is still a unique and special drink. It’s sleek and sophisticated, like a Cuban spin on a Manhattan but using rum instead. This cocktail is made with some unique ingredients. It tastes boozy and subtly bitter but has a sweet and citrus flavor.

Ingredients: Aged rums, vermouth blanc, and Grand Marnier.

The B 52 is a Grand Marnier cocktail with layers. It’s powerful tasty! The B52 may seem a bit…pedestrian as a shot. The combination of Kahlua coffee, sweet Irish cream, and orange liqueur is almost perfect. This combination is so elegant, we have recreated it in a stemmed cocktail mug. It can be drunk in any way you like, but we prefer to slowly sip it rather than drinking it as a shot.

You can make the classic Sidecar into a Grand Marnier cocktail by adding Grand Marnier to it! You can swap out the Cointreau and make it a Grand Marnier cocktail. It’s layered and high-end, just like the Cadillac margarita. This classic cocktail hails from the early 1900s and is a relative of the margarita. It is perfectly balanced between tart and sweet, and rich and complex.

Ingredients: Cognac, Grand Marnier, and lemon juice

Although the Mai Tai may sound like a fruity, tropical resort drink from the 1990s, it is anything but! This classic cocktail is actually from the 1940s, but it’s been (cough!) ruined by sugary versions made for tourists. This cocktail is breathtakingly complex, featuring rum, orange liqueur like Grand Marnier, and fancy almond syrup. The citrus and nutty flavors are balanced by the sweetness of the cocktail. Float a little dark rum on top, and you get to the core of a Mai Tai: it’s sophisticated, nuanced, and might we say…extraordinarily special.

Ingredients: Grand Marnier aged rum, lime juice, orgeat and dark rum

This surprising Grand Marnier cocktail is sangria. Sangria can be made wrong in America by adding sugar or ginger ale to it. The traditional Spanish method of making it is all about the nuanced flavors: orange liqueur, brandy and red wine. You can swap the Cointreau standard for Grand Marnier. It’s bold and fruity and has the perfect balance between sweet and dry.

Ingredients: Brandy, Grand Marnier, and red wine. Sugar, orange, apple, and lemon.

  • This Grand Marnier version of a cocktail is a little sassier than the original: Between The
  • Sheets! This is a twist on the classic Sidecar. It features rum and Cognac in combination, something that was considered a bit naughty during Prohibition. You can also swap the
  • Cointreau for Grand Marnier, and you have a high-end twist. The rum adds nuance to this citrusy drink, and it’s a great sour cocktail that goes down easy.

Ingredients: White rum, Cognac, and Grand Marnier, as well as lemon juice


The Cadillac Margarita is the Cadillac Margarita. This elegant margarita adds sophistication and style to your life with top-quality Grand Marnier liqueur and top-quality Tequila.

3 tablespoons (1 ½ ounces) best quality tequila reposado
2 tablespoons (1 ounce) Cointreau
2 tablespoons (1 ounce) fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons (1 ounce) Grand Marnier
Kosher salt or flaky sea salt, for the rim
For the garnish: Lime wedge